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We offer a range of services for startups and entrepreneurs.  Keep in mind, the scope of our work would determine the proposal we will prepare.

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If has a website/demo video, please provide us a link also.
What Scope of Services are you looking for us to offer?

MVP is great for entrepreneurs looking for initial seed funding/accelerator funding.

Functioning Prototype is ideal for bootstrapped startups looking to actually start bringing in revenue and later approach investors with a real world validated product.

Beyond Prototype is for further ongoing development beyond the market validated prototype.

Since you chose a Minimum Viable Product, let us know what are the top 3 main features?

What are the most minimum functions your concept requires for your potential target market to understand it's potential/usefulness?
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"A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went!" - Dave Ramsey

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How many people are currently on your team?

Number of people on the team currently and any additional useful information.
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The following questions are to help us get a sense of where you see your project going.

In your own words, what is the mission you are trying to achieve by pursuing this endeavor?

Feel free to be as capitalistic or idealistic as you like!
Please briefly summarize what your project/startup plans to do.

e.g. Your Elevator Pitch
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When do you aim to have your project completed & ready to pitch?

Keep in mind, tighter deadlines will be accounted for in the costing proposal in terms.  On average, a polished functioning prototype takes about 3 months to be developed.
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